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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Book Odyssey

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I am so jazzed about Bookcrossing because when I finally crossed paths with this fantastic site, I totally resonated with the concept-- it was love at first sight for me. I have intentionally been leaving books in public places for a long time, and here was a website with the same concept doing a bang-up job and working the idea of sharing and circulating books with others on a big scale. Impressive! Once you register (for free!) with Bookcrossing, you write a brief journal entry about the book you are going to leave somewhere for another to serendipitously discover. Bookcrossing then gives you a BCID registration number so this book's adventures can be tracked. You can download (again....for free!) labels to put inside of the book to identify it as a Bookcrossing Book with it's registered number OR you can purchase their many choices of beautiful, artsy ones and other khool things if you want to earn some angel wings with them and help them out.

Thus it was that yesterday I left home with three registered books with the labels inside and my handwritten note on the interior front cover. "Take me, I'm free..." My intention was to place these three books in different locations on Maui to be discovered, adopted, savored and then sent on their merry way once again. How much fun is that?! For me, LOTS! These books now have an opportunity to travel all over the world, and many of them may do so. Check out Bookcrossing and read how Bookcrossing Books get around. The stories these well-travelled books tell about their journeys and their momentary caretakers is a book in itself.

I always wondered whom had adopted the books I have left in various places, and now there is a way of finding out when you register your book with Bookcrossing. If there is a 'catch' and someone reads the label inside, then they can log onto the Bookcrossing website with the registration number and record it. They can choose to read it and release it into the wild again for others to enjoy. I think this is the greatest formula, and I plan to leave a lot of books wherever I go using the Bookcrossing registration.

If there are any people on Maui reading this blog, I am leaving clues for you. The first book was left perched beside a sculpture at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (see top photo). The second book was left inside the MACC Auditorium. The third one was left outside on a table near Jamba Juice in the Piilani Shopping Center. Happy Hunting!

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