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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Travel to the Beat of a Different Drummer

The Way Khool Site of today is: Unusual Hotels of the World

"Unusual hotels of the worlds is the online guide for travellers interested in staying somewhere truly different." This amazing site displays icons to click on which offer the most unusual options. They aren't kidding! Their options range from merely unusual to wacky to outrageous to the ultimate, the WOW factor, and everyone of them looks like a fun vacation.

Have you ever wanted to stay in an igloo? Or underwater? Or live like Lawrence of Arabia? Almost every fantasy of a hotel is offered here. It's really challenging to decide which hotel you want to daydream about first. Let's see....my choice will be the Hydropolis, a luxury underwater facility under construction in Dubai (which will cover 27 acres) due to be completed in late 2007. The WOW factor is noted here, and I'm sure this hotel will be over the top--even if it's underwater.

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