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Friday, November 03, 2006

Free International Calls...the wave of the future?

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Today's Way Khool Site is: FuturePhone

This site gives you a phone number which allows you to make FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLS TO OVER 50 COUNTRIES! Hallelujah! Life is Good! Dialing...dialing....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting…Worth mentioning for those not so keen in new technologies that "10-10" long distance services are also a very popular an easy alternative to enjoy cheap long distance calls. How it works? You simply dial the "10-10" plan's 7-digit access code, and then the area code and number you wish to call - and receive the discounted rates offered by the "10-10" company. This is an easy way to take advantage of lower rates - without having to sign-up, internet or switching your long distance company. The Internet is a great resource for finding the rates and numbers of "10-10" companies in your area.

For example, you can now call Australia, Canada and most European countries for only 1¢ per minute by simply calling 1010228 before each call (e.g. 1010228 + 011 + country code + number you wish to call). http://www.1010228.com is one of the leading discount "10-10" numbers in the US for interstate and international calls.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006  

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