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Way Khool Sites

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Artist's Haven

Today's Way Khool Site is: Imagekind

Here's what they write about their site:

"One community for creating, buying, and selling art, Imagekind introduces a new development in print-on-demand services. Artists of all types including, digital photographers, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, painters, printmakers and draftsmen, can sell their work online with a free Imagekind online art gallery. Customers can readily find a wide variety of wall art, framed art, digital photography and poster art on our site. Imagekind fine art prints can be ordered with millions of combinations of frames, papers, canvas types, and sizes."

I am super excited because now I know where to put all my angel, dolphin, and mermaid paintings plus some of my photographs! This company feels like the right fit, for all I have to do is upload the digital image, and they take care of EVERYTHING else! What could be easier? And of course, they use the magic word which always gets my attention: free!

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Anonymous Gen said...

Great site, in fact I was looking for this!!!! You have a gift for finding the coolest sites!

Monday, March 05, 2007  

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