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Thursday, August 30, 2007

They Do It For The Points

Today's Way Khool Site is: Fafarazzi
Although some may be addicted to fantasy football (and other sports), there's quite a few people who have TOO much fun with scoring on celebrities. Case in point:

"Create your own Fantasy Celebrity Leagues

It's the celebrity world's answer to fantasy sports! And it's free."

I formed my own league in the past with friends, and we had a blast playing along. Alas, then I got too busy, and now I just read about the scoring fun in weekly email updates from the FaFa folks.

These weekly updates tell the score of the Hottest and Coldest celebrities based on how much fa-fa (publicity) they received in the media. There are games and contests in which you can win money and forums where you can gossip and let-out your snarky self. If you like to keep track of celebrities and the latest gossip, Fafarazzi is the best place with updates from many different sources. The league and team names are fairly raunchy, and I won't print them here since this is a (basically) work-friendly site.

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Anonymous Gen said...

Its fun I have done this!

Friday, August 31, 2007  

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