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Monday, December 24, 2007

Want To Be A Christmas Angel?

Today's Way Khool Site is: Home Front Hugs

Sure, you can run around town and hand out $20 bills in cards to the homeless people you find. This is a definite feel-good! You can also be a Christmas Angel in another way by sending cards, well-wishes and by adopting a duck to send to our wounded war heroes.

Called Operation Healing Angel, this organization could use these things:

(heroes too !)
  • cards and get well wishes thank you cards and photos of you
  • Photos of you with the get well wishes small mag flashlights to hang around neck
  • soft small pillows humor /magazines/phone cards
  • U shaped neck rest pillows U shaped soft neck rest pillows
  • small music players with headphones pens/watches to hang around neck
  • music CDs blank cards to send home
  • Plain black and tan t-shirts(worn w/uniforms) prayers & spiritual paperback books of hope
  • Womens underpants travel games/electronic small games
  • cozy soft large socks for hospital (all sizes) stories written by kids to bring a smile
    Male boxer shorts - all sizes photo albums of you & daily life in the US
    shower shoes for men and women chapstick / nice lotion/small bottles
  • small laminated cards with prayers on them small travel alarm clocks
  • ( a great project for children) soft cotton handkerchiefs
  • laminated photos of you w/get well wishes
  • soft micro plush blankets

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