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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Car Sharing Comes Of Age

Today's Way Khool Site is: Car Sharing

With the price of gasoline being what it is and perhaps going even higher, the concept of car sharing may become more popular. I think it's a great idea, especially for high traffic urban areas.

Here's what the site writes:

"Transportation is the life-blood of any economy. And yet, our fast-growing urban centres are faced with increasingly clogged arteries.

Car Sharing is the "missing link" in our urban transportation systems. The biggest determinant to vehicle use is vehicle ownership. Car Sharing helps people kick the car-owning habit, without going cold turkey, and with the financial reward of saving money.

Car Sharing should be an important option in every major urban centre. While not a magic bullet to solve all traffic and air quality problems, especially commuter-related issues, it is an important new tool that can deliver real benefits quickly from primarily market-based capital." Read more on the site.

Maybe it's time for all us to be less greedy and share!

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Blogger Gen said...

I have to read more, but seems like a good idea.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008  

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